"At International IDEA Constitute has become an indispensable resource for our work in comparative research on constitution building.  We have also used it extensively with our national counterparts –those actually engaged in drafting constitutions from Myanmar to Nepal to South Sudan.  For people with little time on their hands and specific needs in comparative constitutional design, it’s an incredibly useful and practical tool.  IDEA is pleased to partner with Constitute on an Arabic version of the site, and looks forward to its continued expansion in the coming years."

Sumit Bisarya, Senior Project Manager – Constitution Building, International IDEA - November 2014

"Constitute serves as one of the main sources and thus pillars of UN Women's constitution work -- particularly in the light of current revisions being undertaken of the Gender Equality Constitutional Data Base, which consolidates provisions across 195 countries and territories. This complementarily in synergies and interests in constitution work between the two organization holds potential for growth in the coming years."

Beatrice Duncan, Justice and Constitutional Advisor, UN Women - November 2014

"Constitute is an indispensable source—easy to use, accurate, and data-rich."

Donald Horowitz, Duke University and National Endowment for Democracy - November 2014

"Constitute will undoubtedly prove an invaluable resource for anyone and everyone even minimally interested in comparative constitutionalism (which should be anyone and everyone professing an interest in any given constitutional order). " 

Sanford Levinson, the University of Texas at Austin - November 2014

"I have found the information about comparative constitutions on Constitute invaluable as I teach my course (originally co-taught with Arend Lijphart) on 'The United States in 30 Nation Comparative Perspective.'

Bernard Grofman, University of California, Irvine - January 2014

“This is an invaluable resource for scholars and for practitioners.  Archival research and comparisons that would be inconceivable without Constitute — that that has been inconceivable until now — can be done with a few mouse clicks now.  Students can ‘see’ the structure of constitutions in ways they never could have.  Reformers can evaluate the full menu of options they confront.  This is a tremendous public good.” 

John Carey, Wentworth Professor in the Social Sciences, Dartmouth College - January 2014

"Well, the website constituteproject.org shall be of great help to me and for all the CA members. I shall now be using this website frequently to enhance my knowledge and share whenever required. It has huge database of constitutions around the world and the specific topic related sub-divisions makes it even easier to have comparative study. Thank you for your insights."

Ranju Thakur, Nepal Constituent Assembly, Member of Drafting Committee - January 2014