What's New

Constitute now provides an expanded set of constitutional texts, and a host of new features that give users more control over their experience.


With the ability to provide draft texts, Constitute can now serve citizens who might be asked to consider, and vote on, draft constitutions. It is hard to analyze anything without a set of reference points.  Now, draft texts can be viewed side-by-side and compared provision-by-provision with other existing texts.


Historians and constitutional scholars will be delighted to learn that the site now supports the inclusion of historical texts as well, allowing analysts to derive insights from past texts. Historical texts will be added continually, based on data availability and copyright protections.


The new log-in feature allows users to access a personalized, private version of Constitute which includes texts that are not available to the general public, such as obscure historical constitutions, draft constitutions that are not yet publicly available, and privately created content (often tagged and uploaded for a modest fee to cover costs).


Constitute users will also notice that we’ve tweaked the site design to give users more flexibility in viewing their content. A new Sort option allows the user to sort (or reverse-sort) their results by country name or year adopted, and new Expand/Collapse features ease the process of opening and closing individual excerpts in List View. Finally, the social media-savvy among us will be glad to see that social sharing is now integrated at the excerpt level, so anyone can easily share a particular section of a constitution directly with their friends and followers, with just the click of a button.


If you would like to learn more about any of the new features, our collection of privately available texts, or are interested in contracting the CCP to tag and upload your own text for private analysis, please contact us at constituteproject@gmail.com