At Google Ideas: Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, Scott Carpenter, Brendan Ballou, Sara Sinclair Brody, Brett Perlmutter, and others who saw early promise in the project and continue to provide enthusiastic support and guidance.   

At the Comparative Constitutions Project: Our indispensable “taggers” and support staff: Alex Hudson, Jose David Sierra Castillo, Nathalia Sandoval Rojas, Christine Stuart, Connor Ewing, Abby Klionsky, John Marsh, Matt Rhodes-Purdy, and Aline Sredni. Special thanks to Robert Shaffer for writing and rewriting the code that processes constitutional texts as well as many other critical tasks behind the scenes.  Hazem Salem played an integral role in Arabic Constitute, serving as the Chief Editor and Translator of the Arabic content, and continues to provide Arabic guidance and support.  Giorleny Altamirano and Sharon Gorenstein provided critical translation and other support for Constitute en Español.  Most importantly, Jessie Baugher has managed many aspects of the project with unparallelled care, skill, and style.

At International IDEA: Sumit Bisarya shared our vision of an Arabic Constitute and both he and Zaid Al-Ali provided indispensable regional and substantive guidance.

At the University of Los Andes and Dejusticia: César Rodriguez Garavito and Claret Vargas provided critical translation services and intellectual guidance for Constitute en Español.

Our colleagues in Latin America: Roberto Gargarella at the Torcuato Di Tella University (Argentina), Rodrigo Meneses Reyes at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (Mexico), and Daniela Vairo at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) help us review, maintain, and monitor en Constitute Espanol.

At Google: Anna de Paula Hanika and Jake Cressman who contributed numerous big ideas and their design touch.  Fayeq Oweis contributed valuable design and linguistic support for Arabic Constitute.

At Psycle: Many people but in particular Greg Jones.

At UT’s Miranker Lab: Juan Sequeda and Dan Miranker contributed the power of Capsenta's Ultrawrap to transform raw data to linked open data and enrich the constitutional ontology.

In the field: Drafters and advisors of constitutional drafters worldwide provided helpful feedback at key moments.

Our Colleagues: Scholars across various fields improved many of these ideas. We especially appreciate our Board of Advisors and our collaborators at the Program on Liberation Technology and Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford University, whose work helped inform this project.


For the Comparative Constitutions Project

Zachary Elkins

James Melton

Tom Ginsburg